There are many things that can go wrong when having hardwood floors.  Water and fluids can stain them, urine can leave a smell that comes back time and time again, and walking on them over time wears down the finish leaving dull areas.  We can bring back the finish on your floors making them shiny and clean again.

Our technicians physically review and evaluate the condition of the floor.  Then we go over with the customer the options available for them based on the conditions and desired look of the floor.


  • Carefully removing the old wax or damaged polyurethane from the hardwoods leaving the smooth and clean wood.
  • Sanding away blemishes in the wood and prepping the wood for stain if desired.
  • Applying finish to the floors bringing back the luster that only hardwood that is properly refinished can deliver.

Maintenance of hardwood flooring is essential. Many store bought floor cleaners have ingredients that wear down and destroy the the shine and protective finish over time.  Our technicians will go over the proper products and proper techniques for cleaning the hardwoods to further enhance the look of the floor while protecting the finish.