Don't miss out on the REWARDS of being part of the TFC family!

Our Rewards Program is one of the most popular benefits to save our customer's money. Not only do they offer FREE cleanings but they also can offer discounts to services that you already needed. To enroll couldn't be more simple: Simply have a cleaning performed and ask the technician or our office staff to schedule for the next cleaning. How easy is that??

How it works:

When you call to have a cleaning scheduled it is entered into the system. Our technician comes out and performs that cleaning for you. At the end of the cleaning our technician will ask you if you would like to schedule another service. When you say yes and schedule the service you will be enrolled in our Rewards Program.

What's the benefit?

The program currently consists of two (2) options: Yearly or Twice per Year.

1. Yearly: If you have the same cleaning performed every year for four (4) year, your fifth (5th) year of that same cleaning is FREE.

2. Twice per Year: If you have the same cleaning performed twice a year for four (4) years, not only do you get the fifth (5th) year's cleaning FREE but you get two (2) of them for FREE in that fifth (5th) year. AND, your second (2nd) cleaning each year is 10% off! So every other cleaning is discounted, how great is that?!


Question: What if I want to change the cleaning schedule from once a year to twice a year?

Answer: Not a problem, as long as you get a second yearly cleaning in YEAR 2 before your YEAR 3 cleaning you will be entitled to the Twice per Year benefit.

Question: If I add additional items to be cleaned one year but not the rest of the years is that included in my FREE cleaning.

Answer: At the end of YEAR 4 your service history will be pulled up and the items that consistently were in the cleanings will be part of the FREE cleanings.

Question: Is there anything that I need to do to stay enrolled in the Rewards Program.

Answer: Yes, continue to stick to the cleaning schedule and don't lose your Rewards Program benefits card that your TFC technician will give you on the second cleaning.