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Carpet Treatment

Total Floor Care uses a 3 step process when deep cleaning ca​rpets. Before our technicians arrive, it is important that the carpet areas are vacuumed. This allows for greater time to be spent on the dirt extraction process.

The first step is a non-toxic topical solution that is applied to the entire carpet area. This attaches to the dirt and contaminants and lifts it to the surface.

The second step is the application of a mist of water precisely sprayed onto the floor in overlapping passes using our specialized cleaning equipment. This step is very important for it will release the dirty solution from the fibers. With many carpet cleaners, as the carpet dries it is stiff and crunches under your feet. That is soap that is left in the fibers, which over time will cause the fibers to become brittle and break, leading to premature carpet replacement. Total Floor Care does not use soap but instead uses a dirt removing solution that is removed from the carpet fibers by the high powered vacuum.

The third step is the vacuuming of the solution and water to extract the dirt and contaminants from the carpet allowing the waste water to be safely disposed of into the waste water sewer system. This step is performed simultaneously with the second step. It allows the water to not soak into the foam under the carpet.

We utilize three (3) different types of cleaning equipment, including a state-of-the-art rotary extraction machine, depending on the conditions, the size and location, and the application of the floor. Our techs will assess which equipment is best for your cleaning. 

Light and deep cleaning packages available as well as 6-month and yearly maintenance plans to keep your floor healthy and clean all year.