Vinyl (VCT)

Using our automatic floor scrubbing machine, we deep clean the finish, often called "wax" on the floor then use a high speed burnisher to bring back the shine to a like-new surface. Along with routine maintenance of VCT floors, we also strip and re-wax them to create a clean, shiny floor. 

~We offer a "Chemical-free" stripping process~


Our technicians use a machine that does not require stripping solution to strip the floor. This means there is no hazardous solution on the floor and no odors. Unlike chemical stripping, our process can be done with people around so your business does not have to close for us to serve you. There is also no risk of slipping on slippery stripper or tracking solution throughout other floors. 

Our process includes:

  • Removing finish using chemical-free stripping machine.
  • Cleaning the bare VCT floor using a neutral cleaner.
  • Applying 4-6 coats of floor finish depending upon the condition of the floor and nature of the business or residence.

Ask about our weekly, monthly and bi-monthly maintenance packages.